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Strength Beyond the Exercise Floor

Achieving our physical fitness goals is an amazing feeling! Are you ready for that wild ride or will you stay down when you fall?

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Why beginners should NOT start with cardio

You are new to exercise, what do they tell you? Yes, start with cardio! But is there a sound rationale behind it or is this another exercise of repetition without validation? Is cardiovascular work good? Bad? Find out!

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Why Olympic Weightlifting?

By Coach Izzy
What is it that distinguishes the top coaches of the world from their peers? It is their willingness to keep learning and never be satisfied. These coaches know how even after decades of learning and studying, they have only scratched the surface and there is still much more to learn. The success of…

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Kettlebells Transforming Bainbridge Island

Kettlebells and Olympic Weightlifting making a difference in Bainbridge Island.

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