Liberated Thinking for Better Health – Part 3 of 3

Continued from Liberated Thinking Part 2
I will just make one last point about this misconception, how we are prisoners of this box that we have embraced and blind us to see the big picture. Why else do people believe that the key to health is just exercise and diet and refuse to listen to other…

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Why I Didn’t Broadcast My Injury

By Coach Izzy

Well wishes were abundant as more people learned of an injury I sustained about a month ago. The outpour of support and encouragement was great and I cannot express my gratitude enough. But many were also curious as to why I didn’t use social media to let everyone know of my incident as…

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Pain Therapy, Me, You, and Your Health – Part 3 of 3

Do you know those times you wish you could slap sense into somebody? Not out of malice, not out of bullying but out of frustration. For those in the pain therapy field, you know who I’m referring to. For those who are not, I’m certain you can relate and you have seen similar cases in your careers or life calling. I’m referring to those who expect immediate and full recovery from their conditions with no work on their part, those who want the results with only a vague commitment as a token of effort.

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Inspiration: Whispery in Voice, Loud in Results

It is those facing the greatest barriers who are the least interested in burdening others with sob-sob stories. Instead, they quietly take action to achieve their dreams and conquer adversity, inspiring us in the process. One of greatest examples of such tenacity and determination came to my life humbly but powerfully. I would’ve never imagined the magnitude of her ordeal if others had not told me first. Her energy and smile concealed events that would leave most in despair.

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Pain Therapy, Me, You, and Your Health – Part 2 of 3

The gurus of business marketing always remind us of the importance of being able to summarize our craft as succinctly as possible. It is imperative we communicate the essence of our profession laconically and avoid seemingly superfluous details. It is also what those who are curious as to our life path and want to know what we do, expect as an answer. While a prudent and efficient approach, there are instances in which such methodology will backfire, and the simplification will get more wheels turning. This is more evident if what is done does not fall within the popular parameters, or breaks the self-imposed linear assumptions our attention-deficient society cherishes.

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Pain Therapy, Me, You, and Your Health – Part 1 of 3

As I strive to integrate the different expressions of physical health into the continuum where they belong, I have developed a system that allows me to streamline all my learning and practical experiences over two decades in the field. I can say with certainty that it is one of the most satisfying and rewarding endeavors of my life as it has made a world of difference in my strength training/pain therapy practice. It allows me to identify problems others overlook, help my clients in ways they never thought possible, bring joy back to those who thought there was no hope, and empower them to take charge of their lives.

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Structural Issues, Kids, and Learning Disabilities

By addressing the Leg Length Inequalities (LLI) and Small Hemipelvis at their early age, your kids will be able to correct them if they are consistent with the corrective measures. By doing so, you will save them from the misery of chronic pains, joint malformation, joint inflammation, and even from hip and knee replacements in the long term!

There is no greater gift than that.

In part 3 of 3 of the series, Paul, Randy, and Wade go in depth over the congenital factor of structural issues, the controversial implications of food, and how structural issues affect more than just joints and may affect how your kids perform in school.

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Kids, Leg Length Inequalities, Small Hemipelvis, and the Problems

To say that I am not touched by your comments and questions would be an understatement. Thank you for sharing the post with your friends and I’m happy many of you are forwarding it to your pediatricians.

Getting back to business, in the previous installment we learned how prevalent Leg Length Inequalities (LLIs) are. Yep, up to 90% of the world population has a form of LLI and a significant number of folks who suffer from stubborn chronic pains exhibit one in the range of 4 mm or more.



But is it also coincidence they find relief once they correct the discrepancy?

There is also another structural issue, frequently accompanying LLIs, that exacerbates or perpetuates chronic pain.

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Leg Length Inequalities, Kids, and Injuries

Sometimes the solution is so stupefying simple, it turns us into skeptics. How can it keep escaping our eyes? We are so focused on finding intricacies where none exist that the obvious goes right over our heads. Are we afraid to yield to simplicity and look uneducated or dumb? Or is it that the overly segmented view we have of our world blocks us from grasping the simplicity of the whole?

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Injuries that Should NOT Be

Trying to explain how I help folks eliminate pain in one generalized umbrella is impossible. The situation gets more complex as I combine many modalities which in my experience, work well together. We are used to generalizing and singling out, but there are circumstances in which doing so undermines the subject and dilutes its essence.

At the request of my clients, I have put together a free report with the most important details. I have taken an excerpt from the document “How I Eliminated 35 Years of Back Pain in 3 Weeks” to illustrate a crucial point.

This sample is a based on a real case and focuses on the assessment portion to help you understand why sometimes, we overlook the obvious. This man was suffering from injuries that should not be. We are about to find out why.

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