Kettlebell Program – Week 3 Day 1

And Week 3 is on! This Week is named “Falling in Love” because after it, you will be bitten and infatuated by the iron bug. You will no longer be able to return to the old ways. The challenge and intensity increase but you will not mind since you have been preparing for this in the previous two weeks.

Get ready and have fun!

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Kettlebell Program – Week 2 Day 3

We close Week 2 on a high note. You will be introduced to compound motions to help you sharpen your skills and awareness, not to mention they are darn fun! Ever wonder how to combine a Windmill, Squat, and Overhead Press? You will learn how!

Congratulations on completing Week 2. Week 3 has even more goodies for you. Rest, recover and get ready. Enjoy!

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Kettlebell Program – Week 2 Day 2

And Week 2 continues strong on Day 2. The Turkish Get Up and the Spiderman Push-up are sure to make your day and give you a great appreciation of how much can be done without big spaces or equipment. Make sure to warm up well and take your time to cool down. Yummy!

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Kettlebell Program – Week 2 Day 1

Welcome to Week 2! I am sure you are fully recovered and eager to start the new week. This week will emphasize what you learned last week and add new exercises and skills.

Take the time to make the cool-down an essential part of your activity. Do not make the mistake of neglecting and compromising your recovery, it is after all during recovery when your body develops.

Get your kettlebell, you water bottle and start sweating!

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Kettlebell Program – Week 1 Day 2

Workout 2 of Week 1 to close the week on a high note. More fun and challenges in the upcoming weeks! Recover well and get ready.

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Kettlebell Program – Week 1 Day 1

Week 1 is called “It is ON!” and will get you started in your program and for what’s coming. Day 1 of week 1 beckons you. Enjoy!

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Read this BEFORE starting the 6 week kettlebell program

Welcome! This 6 Week program was designed with novices in mind and under the assumption the user has one kettlebell only. If you are more experienced and have more bells, feel free to modify the exercises to suit your situation.

Keep the following guidelines in mind:

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Kettlebells and Pregnancy

Women can get in amazing shape with proper kettlebell training, but how about those who are pregnant or want to get their bodies back post-partum?

Yes I know, I am a guy so what do I know about pregnancy? Well, that is why I seek the help of those who are more direct experience in that department. Are kettlebells contraindicated for women during pregnancy? How about after? Is there any hope after all?

Read on and find if it can done!

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Kettlebells and Muscle Mass

The lightest kettlebell weighs nearly 9 lbs. That’s almost twice the load most women use in their workouts. Are they hurt? Nope! Any structural issues? Nope! What then? They are simply afraid they are going to put up “too much bulk” by lifting anyting heavier than 10 lbs.

How is it possible not to put on size with kettlebell training when the most popular kettlebells for women are between 8 kgs (about 18 lbs) and 12 kgs (about 25 lbs)? Let pictures replace a thousand words!

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Kettlebell Exercises

Fundamentals? Variations of Fundamentals? Or Kettlebell Juggling? Which one should I be doing to get the best results possible? Make sure to avoid making this crucial mistake.

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