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Liberated Thinking for Better Health – Part 1 of 3

Hey Guys, it’s Coach Izzy and it’s a pleasure to be back and chatting with you again. Now, in the last installment of our post, The Freedom of Self-Sufficient Fitness, we mentioned how people have become dependent on other people’s ideas and thoughts, and in doing so they have given up their freedom.
So, today we’re…

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Claim It Now! – The Freedom Of Self-Sufficient Fitness – Part 3 of 3

This is the conclusion of the article on Self-Sufficient Fitness. Click HERE if you have not read it. Enjoy!

Remember, what we have to do is reshape our thoughts and simplify our observations. In doing so, we are going to see why many of the facts out there, and I say this facts in quotation marks…

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Who is Bossing You Around? – The Freedom Of Self-Sufficient Fitness – Part 2 of 3

This is a continuation of the article on Self-Sufficient Fitness. Click HERE if you have not read it.

Now, please don’t go around twisting my words since I am not calling anyone unqualified. Many of these exercise gurus have excellent points and much to teach, but the main concept here, the main idea, is that once…

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The Freedom Of Self-Sufficient Fitness – Part 1 of 3

Hey guys, this is your friend and host, Coach Izzy.
How are you doing? How have you been?
I know it’s been a while since I did any type of recording, but I am happy to be back and sharing new ideas. And in case you did not know, I have six books published so far and…

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Inspiration: Whispery in Voice, Loud in Results

It is those facing the greatest barriers who are the least interested in burdening others with sob-sob stories. Instead, they quietly take action to achieve their dreams and conquer adversity, inspiring us in the process. One of greatest examples of such tenacity and determination came to my life humbly but powerfully. I would’ve never imagined the magnitude of her ordeal if others had not told me first. Her energy and smile concealed events that would leave most in despair.

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The Door That Would Not Budge

The lessons that stick with us for life are the ones that blow our minds with their simplicity. They make us feel incompetent, if not ridiculous, but their impact weighs heavily in our future decisions. One of such lessons came to me early in life and has served me as a powerful guide when frustration sets. It was as if life had decided to give me a crash-course in misguided good intentions at that moment.
I love to open my speaking engagements with the tale of this lesson and though my audience gets a hearty chuckle out of it, they immediately understand the depth of such a powerful event, and from that moment I have their undivided attention.

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Be Healthy on Thanksgiving and Other Overrated Cockamamie

For the past few days my mailbox has been flooded with people asking me –yet again- how they should be eating or exercising for Thanksgiving to avoid falling off the wagon. Thus, to save time and sanity, I am writing this article so my answers can be accessible to anyone with the same queries in their minds.

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Do I Need To Be in Shape Before Training? Part II and Conclusions

It is still common among many fitness professionals –if they can be called so- to physically abuse many of their new and prospective clients through strenuous exercise routines in an attempt to impress them. Needless to say that the vast majority of victims of this form of unethical conduct had no business engaging in routines of such magnitude, and easily overwhelm their limited physical capacity.

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Do I Need To Be in Shape Before Training? – Part I

This article was written with two purposes. One, to answer that question so you can put your concerns to rest and we can get started promptly. And two, to make and attempt to get to the root of a question that should not even be formulated. It is my goal to create awareness over the hollowness of such accepted idiosyncrasy, and in doing so, make better choices.

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The Principles for a Healthy and Fit Life: 3rd Principle And Stinging Truths

Because most people fail to live by the first two aforementioned principles they end up clinging to the fallacy that enjoying great health and a body that reflects it is an unreachable fantasy.

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