Kettlebell Program – Week 6 Day 3

Six Week Kettlebell Program - Week 6

Week 6 – WOW!

Day 3

 By Coach Izzy

What an exciting day!  Today is Day 3 of Week 6  of the 6 Week Beginner Kettlebell Program, yes, the last day! It is the culmination of a learning experience and while you are no longer a novice you’ll discover the road to mastery is a long but fun one where your skills will be polished up even further through smart practice and acquisition of more complex skills.

There’s also a component at the end of the program that many would rather skip or dismiss but it is of great importance since it will shape up how you’ll perform in future programs.

It is called “Self Assessment” and it is the time to be brutally honest with yourself and address whether you achieved your expected goals or not.  Did you? Awesome and please share with us!  Did you not? There is a lesson there and I’m sure many of us can learn from it so please also share with us.  Did you do everything you could’ve possibly done? Were you disciplined about your nutrition, hydration, sleep, and recovery? Did you give it all during your workouts and ditched the distractions?  Even if you did not achieve your goal, as long as you keep an open mind, let go of pride and learn from your mistakes, you will achieve success sooner rather than later.

Remember the workouts this week will test even experienced lifters so if you are a beginner kettlebell lifter and this is the first time you see this program, you need to check the post “Read This Before Starting The 6 Week Kettlebell Program” and you need to start from week 1. Earn your way to this day and don’t be hasty!

Enough chit-chat! I’m sure you are eager to close on a high note so here’s the Week 6 Day 3 workout, the final one of the program.  No excuses and go kick some butt!

Week 6 Day 3 Intensity Med Heavy-Heavy 
Exercise(s)/Combination(s) Rec. Reps Rec.Sets Rest (sec) Length (min)
1 Warm up & Mobility Var Var n/a 5
2a Clean and Jerk into 5 (s) 4-5 40-60 10
2b Turkish Get Up into
2c Windmill
3a Cross Press to Sit up 6 (s) 2-3 30 5
3b Scorpion 6 (s)
4a Side Lunge 6 (s) 2-3 30 5
4b Dive Bomber 4-6
5 Cool down Var Var n/a 5

Refer to the video below for a demonstration of the exercises. Exercise 3a Cross Press to Sit Up is about emphasizing the lowering portion.  You can help yourself to the seated position with your supporting arm but you rely on trunk strength to lower to the starting position.  If exercise 4b Dive Bombers proves too difficult, perform regular push-ups but hold the bottom position for a count of 2 or 3 seconds.

Don’t forget to have fun!  If you do not enjoy the experience, you will find it easy to come up with excuses as to why you cannot workout.  I highly advice you get a training partner or seek experienced guidance.

It is a privilege to have been your guide this past few weeks.  There is a lot more where that came from so make sure to keep visiting this blog.

Health and Strength to you and I’ll see you on the exercise floor.

Coach Izzy

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