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Coach Izzy - Strength Coach, Pain Therapist, Author, Speaker, EducatorI remember the moment quite well. My eyes wanted to deny the images fed through the television.

The place I knew was never going to be the same. Many people who I frequently encountered in my daily commute never returned home. The place I used to call work collapsed a little after 5pm that afternoon.

My heart beat in angst and sadness, afraid of facing a different world.

The 47th floor of Seven World Trade Center was no more. It laid down in a smoldering pile amid the remnants of its more towering siblings. The date was September 11, 2001, one that changed the course of history, including my own.

I had been in the health and fitness field for a few years and I thought I had it made. I had managerial roles as a fitness professional in the private gym of SalomonSmithBarney in the 47th floor of 7 World Trade Center, a steady paycheck, and the prospects for promotions. Now that world laid uncertain and I faced a future as unclear as of those who were directly affected by the events.

It was a difficult experience but it’s one that opened my eyes and set me on a non-stop learning path. I knew I wasn’t going to quit the health and fitness field. It is one for which I always felt passion and what took me away from what could’ve been a career in the technology field. I wanted to continue as a fitness professional but I knew certain things would have to change.

While in corporate fitness, I spent a great deal of time on administrative duties and trying to convince people to exercise. As much as I enjoyed the one-on-one time, there were scarce opportunities to do so, and it was discouraged. There were only a handful of fitness professionals serving hundreds and our attention had to be focused on the group rather than the individual. I knew that I wanted to focus more on personal training and devoted my energy to finding the appropriate venue.

TERRIFIC AND INSIGHTFUL“Coach Izzy is a terrific guy and a very insightful trainer. I was struggling with a repetitive strain injury in my lower back, and thinking it was from my Olympic lifting program, I was ready to give it up for something a bit less strenuous. Izzy pointed out my leg-length differential, addressed it with therapeutic massage and a slight lift in my right shoe. Voila! Problem resolved and the lifting program continues – no “girly-man” exercises after all. Thanks Izzy, you’re a magician!”

Bob Yakas, Architect
Portland, Oregon (Former Bainbridge resident)

UNIQUE & POSITIVE – “You brought a unique approach, your positive attitude was always welcoming and I appreciated you always pushing me to the next fitness level.”

Gloria S.
Bainbridge Island

Working on one-on-one full time was a welcome change. I did not have to convince anyone that exercise was right for them. They already knew and came to me for guidance. The best part, they stayed because they enjoyed my services.

My quest to provide a better service drove me to take a lot more continuing education courses than I had in the past and to challenge myself to become a better person and professional. I made great friends and met great teachers who molded my path and increased my hunger for learning.

MY BODY HAS CHANGED REMARKABLY! – “All I can say is… Amazing! After 6 months my body has changed remarkably. Your body will be in better shape than it’s EVER been.”

Richard Turrin
New York, NY

HE IS THE TOP ONE – “I’ve known Izzy for nearly 10 years, in that time he’s become one of The Best and studying with Izzy is the best as his emphasis on form is everything.”

Eric Schreiber
New York, NY

THIS IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! – Within the first 10 minutes… I thought WOW. Izzy is an amazing technician. He took care to know how I was built. He’s the best!”

Michelle Foxman
New York, NY

I have established myself as a professional and grown in directions I never imagined. My own struggle with chronic pains drove me to the pain-therapy field when some of my most influential teachers showed me that living in chronic pain is not acceptable. I’ve incorporated their wealth of knowledge to my previous knowledge and experiences and saw with satisfaction how they integrated and flowed easily with one another.

What an amazing path it’s been!

Not a day goes by when I don’t feel gratitude for being in such an amazing field. It’s led me to publish half a dozen books, hundreds of speaking engagements, leading continuing education courses, and other great opportunities, all while making a positive difference in people’s lives. If that’s not the perfect win-win, I don’t know what is.

THE ONLY ONE IN WASHINGTON STATE” – As of October 2010, Coach Izzy is the only KettleBell Concepts Master Instructor in Washington State and the only one authorized to conduct instructor training workshops. KBC’s workshops, provide CEC’s through NASM, NSCA, ACE, AFAA, NCSF, and many others. KBC is strictly a business to business organization, has trained over 4,000 instructors globally, and focuses exclusively on working with fitness professionals and facility owners to properly educate staff as well as help organizations  roll out a kettlebell profit center for either semi-private small group training or group exercise.  Coach Izzy has been involved with KBC since its inception in NYC in 2002 and has played an integral part of its growth. He has extensive experience coaching other instructors with an outstanding reputation. Do not be deceived by others. Please do not hesitate to contact our office if there are any questions.”

David Ganulin, CEO Kettlebell Concepts, Inc.
New York, NY

A GREAT COACH! – “There is a great coach on Bainbridge Island, who understands the Olympic Movements and how best to incorporate this kind of training into anyone’s workout.”

David R. Miller, USAW Sr. International Coach
San Diego, CA

TOP NOTCH!” – Coach Israel Sanchez has been a tremendous asset to the East Coast Gold Weightlifting Team, the largest team in the country. He has been very effective in assisting with USA Weightlifting coaching education programs that we have offered and has done an outstanding job of introducing athletes and coaches to the benefits of Olympic weightlifting training and competition. His professional standards are top notch as he continues to promote and educate.”

Leo Totten, USAW Sr. International Coach
1996 / 2004 Olympic Team
Head Coach, East Coast Gold Weightlifting Team
(2006-2008 National Champions for Men and Women)

I dedicate this blog to you. My writing reflects my passion and my persona. Some call me compassionate, some call me harsh, and some call me opinionated. That’s OK. I know I relay what I know to be factual at the moment, and though I put my foot in my mouth in several occasions, I learn from my mistakes. As I learn more, I find myself contradicting the advice I’ve given in the past, and I’m also OK with that. My mission is one of helping you to the fullest of my capacity and that’s not possible if I hold on to outdated approaches just because I’m too proud to admit I made a mistake.

I BEAT MS! – “Israel helped bring my health to the most optimal level.  I’m better than before my diagnosis and you are in great hands with Israel.”
Linda Kravitz, Health, Fitness, and Healing TV Show
Montclair, NJ

I LOST 19 LBS! – “I gained muscle mass and discipline and I’ve been enjoying the kettlebell experience. Thank you, Coach Izzy.”

Heather Graham
New York, NY

BETTER THAN EVER AT 57! – “I Have been training with Izzy for 5 years. He is terrific for those who are older and I’ve gotten stronger and better.”

Leslie Lowe
New York, NY

I look forward to the chance of being of your life. Please visit often and don’t be shy about dropping me a note. I always welcome your words. I wish you a happy, productive and safe fitness journey.

I’ll see you on the exercise floor.

Coach Izzy

HE MAKES IT FUN! – “He’s the trainer I stuck with the longest, a master of kettlebells, and taught me how to jump rope!”

Beth Kent
New York, NY

STRENGTH, FLEXIBILITY, MOBILITY – “Kettlebells with Izzy has been AMAZING!  It doesn’t matter how young or old you are. Izzy, you rock n’ roll, man!”

Gaston Olsen
New York, NY

HAPPY TO HAVE HAD THE OPPORTUNITY – I feel really fortunate to have met Israel. I knew what I was looking for and I found it with him. He’s a trainer who understands form, power, and putting it all together.”

Denise Nelson
New York, NY

FROM OH TO WA – In May of 2009, after some online discussions regarding some of my physical limitations and shoulder weaknesses, we visited with Coach Izzy while we were vacationing in the Seattle area. After doing an assessment on me, he started ironing out some muscular tension that I had been experiencing for years. A few days later before we left the area, we both participated in a private session with Coach using kettlebells and Olympic lifts. His attention to detail and expectation of the same was refreshing. He not only guided us through the various movements, but gave us some great insight as to when to use which movements (e.g. when kettlebells were more appropriate than the Olympic lifts and vice versa). Coach’s parting advice was to find a lifting coach in the Cincinnati area for additional guidance. An excellent piece of advice that we followed! Thanks for getting us kicked off in the right direction, coach!

Bob Overstreet
Cincinnati, OH

IT CHANGES YOUR BODY! – It’s a new kind of workout andI feel AWESOME. Izzy is a fantastic instructor and  Seattle is SO lucky to get him!”

Patricia Blaho
New York, NY

IN THE BEST SHAPE OF MY LIFE – He got me in the best shape of my life and I’ve been training with Israel for 6 years.”

Peter Flint, Director of The Avian Orchestra
New York, NY

GO FOR IT! – Coach has taught me to take care of myself. He teaches you to work with what’s best for you and not necessarily with whatever is out there. I would recommend anyone at any ability to work with him.”

Monsey, NY

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