Structural Issues, Kids, and Learning Disabilities

Children and Leg Length Inequalities

Genetics or Trauma?

Coach Izzy

Thank you so much for your messages and Emails!

It’s been a privilege seeing many of you and helping your kids address their chronic pain problems. For the parents who have seen me in the past few weeks,   I don’t know if you quite grasp the extent of the gift you just made to your children.

By addressing the Leg Length Inequalities (LLI) and Small Hemipelvis at their early age, your kids will be able to correct them if they are consistent with the corrective measures.  By doing so, you will save them from the misery of chronic pains, joint malformation, joint inflammation, and even from hip and knee replacements in the long term!

There is no greater gift than that.

In part 3 of 3 of the series, Paul, Randy, and Wade go in depth over the congenital factor of structural issues, the controversial implications of food, and how structural issues affect more than just joints and may affect how your kids perform in school.

Sit back, relax, enjoy the video and take notes.  Make sure to pay it forward and pass this information to other parents. Who knows, maybe one of your friends or relatives has a child suffering from unexplained pains and you may be able to shed some light on the subject.

Perhaps your own children will be the ones who benefit.  Keep your mind open and make a difference.  Without further ado, here you go!

(Please allow a minute for the video to upload)

I hope this has been both helpful and enlightening.  My gratitude to Paul, Randy, and Kevin for sharing their knowledge and amazing findings, to Sal DeRosalia of Crossfit 98110 for allowing me to use his facility, and my gratitude to you not only for watching, but also for making others aware.

Don’t forget to download your free report in case you need more in depth reading and analysis of the subject, or want to contact a therapist doing this kind of work in your area, all the information is there.

For those of you on Bainbridge Island or nearby towns, you know where to find me and it is my privilege to take care of you.  Use this contact form in therapy page and we’ll make it happen. Until next time.

See you on the exercise floor!

Part 1 | Part 2

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