Who is Bossing You Around? – The Freedom Of Self-Sufficient Fitness – Part 2 of 3

This is a continuation of the article on Self-Sufficient Fitness. Click HERE if you have not read it.

Now, please don’t go around twisting my words since I am not calling anyone unqualified. Many of these exercise gurus have excellent points and much to teach, but the main concept here, the main idea, is that once you become dependent on only one source, or limited number of sources, to dictate how you follow your healthy lifestyle, you have given up your fitness freedom. You have become dependent on a specific system, or person, to do everything for you.

Keep in mind that whatever little we know of the human body, we know it’s not too fond of doing the same thing over and over, since this creates overuse conditions. Let’s not forget the mental rut. If you did the same thing over and over, you will soon get bored as your body becomes efficient and mechanical at doing the same task. It no longer provides joy, let alone results. You are a slave; you have given up the freedom of choosing, and instead rely solely on a specific exercise program out of feelings for it. In that sense, it becomes a toxic relationship, something that makes you close your mind to all new experiences.

What you have to understand, is that our brains and bodies thrive on learning and love learning. It is new experiences, after all, what keeps our brains young, and saves our bodies from overuse issues. But whenever we give up our fitness freedom, we no longer think and become closed to new experiences, thereby denying a lot to our bodies and progress.

An even darker, or worse, aspect of this issue is that often, many people will take only one minor aspect of whatever system or exercise program they follow, and will repeat it over and over, refusing to do other things. They stop thinking. They just want to move mechanically.

In a way I cannot blame them. I cannot blame people when they think like that.

There are misconceptions putting unnecessary linear relationships and portray exercise as something used only for the purpose of burning calories. This is, in my opinion, one of worst disservices we have done to the experience of exercise. When we embrace those misconceptions and stop thinking, we become dependent on what others say, we swallow their points of view, and we lose our self-sufficiency.

Now self-sufficient does not mean having to learn tons of science and reading lots of journals. What I mean by self-sufficiency, is learning to think in a different way. We are going to reshape our thought process and we are going to learn to simplify the way we see exercise and fitness.

We have overcomplicated the exercise and fitness field with excessive noise. Further, there is an overwhelming load of information out there, much of which useless anyway. And since most people have only a limited grasp of the holistic relationships of our bodies, and emotional attachments to exercise gurus or exercise systems, they end up confused. They miss the big picture and a great opportunity to improve their health and their bodies.

And if you are acting in that fashion, you are letting other people dictate your life.

Honestly, who do you allow to boss you around in real life?

Maybe at work if you have an inconsiderate boss you will soon be leaving, but I am sure that’s as far as you allow it. So why are you unconsciously letting this happen in your life?

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