3×3 Kettlebell Programs

Coach Izzy

The 3×3 kettlebell programs are focused routines maximizing weight use. The repetitions are low, but because the weights are heavier, the benefits of the programs are very specific. In a 3×3 program, you do three sets of three repetitions, with the intensity changing each set. This program is ideal for strength goals as it allows the opportunity to use the heavier loads. The 3×3 program can also be a precursor to the 5×5 program. There are many benefits to using 3×3 kettlebell programs. They include the following.

  • Because of low volume, programs can be utilized up to 5 times a week
  • Increases strength rapidly due to weight loads
  • Targeted strength programs
  • Allows for focus on form and strength
  • Minimizes chances of overuse injury
  • Builds strength and lean mass if that is desired

The best way to utilize 3×3 kettlebell programs is to focus on the upper body for half the time and the lower body the rest of the workouts. You can also vary the intensity. For example, you can mix and match light, medium and heavy workouts. You determine the level of workout by the amount of weight you can handle. The maximum weight is the amount of weight you can lift for 3 times before failure. The medium and light workouts indicate using a percentage of the maximum weight that can be lifted.

The 3×3 kettlebell programs can incorporate any of a variety of exercises. You can focus on building strength, or building size and strength. It will be to your advantage to change the exercises each week, otherwise your body will adapt fast to the same routine and your progress will stop. Ever witnessed those who moan they are not seeing results even though they exercise all the time? The problem is not that they are not active, the problem is that they have been doing the same time for a long tie. Variation also helps prevent overuse injuries and issues.

You will be pleased that you get more than just strength when you use the 3×3 kettlebell programs. You will also develop greater endurance, stabilization, and flexibility. The kinds of exercises used in 3×3 kettlebell programs that lend themselves to heavy weight workouts include the following.

  • Clean and Military Press
  • Weighted Pull-up
  • Side Press
  • Double Hang Snatch
  • Double Front Squat
  • Double Floor Press

The choice of exercises is ample and most of them are effective for the 3×3 kettlebell programs. The explosive power behind many of the kettlebell exercises is particularly suited for this type of training. In a short program, you have to get maximum impact from the exercises. Unlike traditional long programs, you will get the most benefit by using the heaviest weights possible in the shortest time span. The 3×3 program is ideal for those who need to maintain fitness, break a plateau, or don’t have much time for long exercise programs.

The advantage of these kettlebell exercises is that they can help you create a short program that work many muscle groups at the same time through compound exercises. This type of training will also help you increase speed and help you fine tune the physical development you want.  Don’t forget to set your goals first and choose your exercises based on them. Exercising with kettlebells is all about focus and concentration. While it is tempting to get lazy and sloppy with traditional gym equipment, one must pay attention with the kettlebells and be in control all the time, more so if lifting heavy loads. You work more, but the results are more than worth it..

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