7 Changes for Super Fitness

By Coach Izzy

Every new year lots of people take the enthusiastic plunge into the fitness world to improve their health, bodies, and fitness levels.  Many will work hard as long as the excitement of the first few days drives their motivation, others will invest  their time and efforts in the search of the quick fix, but only a handful will commit to the long term changes needed to get through the turbulent times and ensure permanent success.

Adding exercise is one thing.  It is a start but it is not a guarantee of health and most people make it only a temporary stage.  Living fit on the other hand, is a completely different animal requiring a transformation of attitude to bring body and health to their most optimal levels.  Statistics are not encouraging and show us how those calling it quits after a few weeks far outnumber those who achieve long term success.

Yes, exercise  important but it is only a component of the full picture.  What makes the fittest individuals stand out is not necessarily how much they exercise or what they eat but rather, the mindset that allows them to achieve success.  The great news is that transforming our attitudes for a  fit lifestyle is within any one’s reach.  A strong desire and willingness to make it happen combined with perseverance have never failed to deliver results.

While the task may seem insurmountable at first, it is important to realize every success story got there by making one change at a time.  Many of these changes are of universal nature and many others are more personal.  We will be focusing on 7 key universal aspects which when conquered, will facilitate the change in the personal areas.  What are those 7 aspects you’ll have to address to achieve a fit lifestyle?  Here they are here is how regular Joes and Janes adopted them to achieve super fitness.

1.) They became educated food shoppers

Fit people know their health is a reflection of what they eat especially when lifting weights.  They know of the devastating effects of  junk calories and keep them out of their lives and out of the lives of their loved ones.  They recognize all forms of junk food, from the straight forward junk to the junk disguised as healthy food.  They may indulge in the occasional treat but they know it will have no major effect on them since they are in control.  The message is clear; rid your home of chips, cookies, candy, baked goods, pre-packaged snacks and anything else that belongs in a vending machine. Replace the above with fresh fruit, veggies, nuts and other healthy whole foods and snacks.

2.) They became masters at Prioritizing

Fit people know that along the priorities of daily life like family, job, and paying the bills, their health is just as important and that is what will keep them fulfilling their life priorities without burning out.  These people make their exercise program a priority and would not dare put it ahead of leisure.  Make no mistake, fit people enjoy leisure, but it is scheduled around their training time.  When you are ready to achieve your best, you will give your exercise program the same importance you would give to your major life duties.

3.) They learned to pay attention to their eating

Yes, now you are aware of the importance of having wholesome food but do not forget there is such thing as too much of a good thing.  That is why fit people are mindful of their food servings and stop eating when they feel full, even if their plates are not empty. They know there is delay between the consumption of food and the body getting the signal it has nutrients so they eat slowly and avoid stuffing themselves.  They know cleaning their plates quickly is not a healthy habit and doing it more than once in the same event is detrimental. They know once they are full reaching out for that extra bite is unnecessary and feel no remorse for saying no to seconds. Read more about dangerous food and supplement for treating at massgainsource.com/avoid-dianabol-dangers/.

4.) They learned to maximize their exercise time

plank-pushupFit people know their exercise time is scarce and precious so they seek to get the most out of it.  They concentrate on what they do and seek new challenges to keep producing results and keep improving.  They have no problem sweating, grunting, anything that will keep them pushing and finishing with the feeling the accomplished something.  This is an ability that takes time to develop so if you find you are having a hard time maximizing your training time, seek the help of a qualified fitness professional.  You will learn ways to make each workout more challenging. For competitive people, the best way to push yourself is to exercise with a friend of similar strength. Another great way to challenge yourself is to set small attainable goals. These goals could be to push heavier weight, to sprint longer, or to do cardio at a higher intensity setting. Unfortunately, as men age, their testosterone level gradually drops, so using testosterone booster might be an option if you wish to perform better in the gym (you can see how here). If you’re not sure what excerises to do you can try the p90x, here is a review from people who have tried p90x https://www.serresponsavel.com/p90x3-review/.

5.) They became mindful of their bites

When fit people eat, it seldom happens in front of the TV.  They know turning their attention away from their meals will make them less aware of how much they eat.  They also know of the poor habits associated with eating and TV watching.  Have you noticed how heavy, highly processed foods, and alcohol tend to accompany TV watching?  This does not mean they do not enjoy a TV show, they do but eating and watching the tube are never mingled.

6.) They learned the value of hydration

Fit people embrace the benefits of water and make it a priority to stay well hydrated.  They do not think of substituting water for other beverages and understand the traps of trying to substitute water for sugary or industrialized beverages. They know a lot of those drinks are sweetened with high fructose corn syrup and other ingredients none of which beneficial to their health, regardless of the claims.  They know hydration is crucial to their muscular and joint health and a lot of the chronic stiffness can be alleviated by staying properly hydrated.  They know those dry eyes, saggy skin, and lapses in concentration can be alleviated through proper hydration.  They do enjoy other beverages from time to time but never to substitute water or justify hydration.

7.) They overcame pride

Fit people acknowledge the most successful individuals got where they wanted through guidance and mentorship.  They don’t leave their motivation and progress to chance and are not afraid to seek expert help or look for look for somebody as motivated as they are. They know that if their trainer, boot camp instructor or workout partner is waiting for them, then they are less likely to skip a workout. Even if it is one of those online physical trainers.  Fit people take the option of skipping and winging it out of the equation.

Now you know it is more straight forward than we are led to believe. May you find the inspiration and fortitude to adopt the changes in your life should you need to do so.  Do not overwhelm yourself and try to do it all at once.  Adopt one change at a time and take your time.  On the other hand, if you felt the article described you, congratulations!  You are a role model of better health and a better body.  Keep it up and remember, fitness is a lifetime quest and there is always room to improve your best.

I’ll see you on the exercise floor

About The Author


Coach Izzy has been part of the Strength and Conditioning field for over 25 years. He speaks of the advantages of self-sufficiency and the drawbacks of relying on the liner approaches the health world seems fond of.