But Seriously, Should Exercise Be Sport?

Continuing with the topic, it’s time to explore the emotionally heated difference between exercise and sport, this grey area where motor patterns acquire a name or the other, but rarely both. What makes an exercise just an exercise, and what turns it into a sport? Aren’t’ most sports, after all, the execution of predefined motor skills (or exercises) to match environmental constraints?

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Should Exercise Be Sport – Really?

Frankly, I have no idea what this means, not at least in true specificity. Granted, arguments can be made on subjective perspectives, but they only beget emotional hollow exchanges and don’t address the question. Interestingly, whenever I inquire about the substance of the topic from those who condemn tarnishing the sanctity of exercise by turning it into sport, I never get a solid reply. I get plenty of “my client does…” or “this guru says…”or “when I…” but ultimately, the overemotional downpour does nothing to mitigate the chasm between the concepts of exercise and sport, let alone provide a useful perspective.

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Food, Nature, Lunacy and Their Kahuna

The first time I ever saw this man was in a movie the public touted as a revelation and a wake-up call. His message was captivating and kept echoing for weeks after. It was not only what he said, but also the way he said it and the passion he communicated. This man was, as he self-proclaimed, a fanatic of his craft, and I could relate to his fanaticism.

He was not wearing a suit and a tie; he was not seated in a comfortable leather chair in a cozy office surrounded by volumes of classic works of literature. His very stage destroyed the stereotype of the man dedicating his life to producing our sustenance. His eloquence, brilliance and profundity of his thoughts made it hard to believe this was but a humble farmer. Word after word, I felt liberated, reassured my wife and I were on the right path as we supported our local food producers. And I wanted More!

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3×3 Kettlebell Programs

The 3×3 kettlebell programs are focused routines maximizing weight use. The repetitions are low, but because the weights are heavier, the benefits of the programs are very specific. In a 3×3 program, you do three sets of three repetitions, with the intensity changing each set. This program is ideal for strength goals as it allows the opportunity to use the heavier loads. The 3×3 program can also be a precursor to the 5×5 program. There are many benefits to using 3×3 kettlebell programs. They include the following.

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The Turkish Get-Up

…He was now in his second set and just finished one side, his good side. He had another 5 to go on his weak side, and then another set. His earlier derision haunted him and kept replaying in his head. He had never seen, let alone done this exercise, why did he have to say “that’s not so bad?”

His diaphragm voiced its protest and his stomach acridly reminded him why it is a bad idea to have a heavy meal prior to a kettlebell workout, more so if it involves the infamous Turkish Get Up.

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Treadmill Workout: From dreadmill to funmill

…Off my soap box, I would like to focus on what I consider one of the most underrated pieces of exercise equipment, the much misunderstood treadmill. Most tend to poo-poo the treadmill workout because they say it’s boring and unproductive.


You make it boring and unproductive! There’s a unique learning opportunity that we are going to address to discover how awesome a treadmill workout can be.

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Health Advice – What Makes Us Sick?

…You get sick, you go to the doctor and get an antibiotic/antiviral/antifungal to get better. Much of our food, like milk, juices, canned food and even nuts like almonds are pasteurized in order to eliminate the bacteria to avoid sickness. Many people use anti-bacterial soaps and hand sanitizers in order to prevent the spread of infection. These actions are all about killing the germ, and are in support of Germ Theory…

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Yes Folks, I’m Human

Baah-haa-haa! Was my reaction to the commotion created by the post “A Mermaid or A Whale Exposed.” I received emails categorizing me as insensitive and misogynistic, many unfriended me on Facebook, and many opted-out my mailing list.

Just as I was expecting.

I knew exactly what I getting into as soon as I finished writing my post. I knew it would test the thickness of my skin and my ability to keep a cool demeanor. It is the price for exposing politically incorrect or taboo topics. I touched a nerve in a subject where we – health professionals – are supposed to be huggy-touchy and dare not say what is boiling inside us.

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Why 2011 ROCKED!

One of my traditions since I started writing was to put a recap of the events of the previous year so we can reminiscence the good moments and learn from the hard ones. It is something all my readers appreciated and could relate to. I took a hiatus for a couple of years as I was involved in other ventures but I’m returning to it as many have been asking me for it.

Please join me as I go over the events of 2011 and recall all the moments that made it the awesome year it was.

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Denial and Fear Disguised as Self-Esteem

I’m exposing the nauseating, butchered version of the “Mermaid or a Whale” post for the banal drivel it truly is. It is not that I like pouring salt on the wound, but it is disconcerting to see how something so flawed could be so blindly cheered. Hey, we once thought lynching witches was correct!

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