Kettlebell Program – Week 2 Day 2

Week 2 – Committing

Day 2

Coach Izzy

If this is the first time you see this program, make sure you have read and understood the post titled “Read This Before Starting The 6 Week Kettlebell Program“.  It will make it easier for you to understand the sequence. If you are a novice, go to Week 1 Day 1 and begin your journey there.

The full Turkish Get Up and the Spiderman Push-up are sure to delight you and make appreciate the power of simplicity.  If you are sore, hydrate well and warm-up well.  You will be surprised at how a good workout can help bring soreness down. The exercise or combinations conclude once you reach the recommended number of sets (including rest time) OR you reach the alloted time, whichever comes first. This will be constant throughout the program.

The workout for Day 2 of Week 2 awaits:

Week 2 Day 2 Intensity Med-Med Heavy 
Exercise(s)/Combination(s) Rec. Reps Rec.Sets Rest (sec) Length (min)
1 Warm up & Mobility Var Var n/a 5
2 2 Hand High Pull 12 2-3 30-45 3
3 Turkish Get Up 3 (s) 2-3 30-40 5
4 Push Press 9 (s) 3-4 30-45 5
5a Spiderman Push Up 3-5 (s) 4-5 30-40 7
5b Bridge Roll 5
5c 90/90 3 (s)
6 Cool down Var Var n/a 5

Refer to the video below for a demonstration of the exercises.  DO NOT neglect your cool down.  Many are too hasty and cheat themselves of the recovery benefits of a good cooldown.  Drink plenty of water, get some good sleep,  good wholesome food and get ready for day 3.  Enjoy!

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