Kettlebell Program – Week 3 Day 1

 Week 3 – Falling in Love

Day 1

Coach Izzy

As redundant as it may be, I cannot emphasize enough that if you are a beginner  and this is your first time seeing this program, you need to read and understand the “Read This Before Starting The 6 Week Kettlebell Program“ post.  Get acquainted with the instructions to get the most of the program and start from Day 1 of Week 1.

If this your third week, it’s great seeing you making progress!  This week is called “Falling in Love” because that’s how you’ll feel about the kettlebells at the conclusion of this week.  Gone are thoughts of slaving yourself in a piece of equipment for over an hour bored out of your mind.  You have developed a new appreciation of the continuum of strength and endurance and realize what a mistake it is to look at strength and cardio as separate components.

Let’s start Week 3 with another amazing workout.  Remember, the exercise or combinations conclude once you reach the recommended number of sets (including rest time) OR you reach the allotted time, whichever comes first. You should be completing the workout in 25-30 minutes.  Anymore than that, you are not following the instructions.  Here is how Day 1 of  Week 3 goes:

Week 3 Day 1 Intensity  Med
Exercise(s)/Combination(s) Rec. Reps Rec.Sets Rest (sec) Length (min)
1 Warm up & Mobility Var Var n/a 5
2a High Pull Var Var 30 5
2b Push Press 10 2-3
3a Clean and THRUST 7 (s) 3-4 30 5
3b 1/2 Renegade Row 5 (s)
4a Standing Quad-Hip Mobility 4-6 (s) 3-4 20 5
4b Side Lunge 3-5 (s)
5a Spiderman Push Up 5 (s) 3-4 30 5
5b Bridge Roll 3-5 (s)
5c Twisting Jack Knife 5-6 (s)
6 Cool down Var Var n/a 5

Refer to the video below for a demonstration of the exercises.  For exercise 2a (High Pulls) the reps and sets are up to you. Start testing yourself.  Ideally between 2 to 3 sets of 15-20 reps should do the job but adjust based on your circumstances.  Address your recovery early by starting with a thorough cool down.   Plenty of clean water, good food, and sleep should help get to your goals.  See you in day 2!

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