Kettlebell Program – Week 4 Day 1

Week 4 – BRING IT ON!

Day 1

Coach Izzy

Week 4, yes! Past the point in which it is easier to finish than starting over.  How awesome seeing you again.  Did you recover well?  Make sure to take care of yourself, there’s more to fitness than just exercising.  Now, if this is the first time you see this program and cannot relate to what I’m mentioning, make sure to read and understand “Read This Before Starting The 6 Week Kettlebell Program“.  It will make it easier for you to understand the sequence. If you are a kettlebell beginner, start from Week 1, build a strong base, and then Week 4 will make more sense.

Week 4 is called “BRING IT ON!” because at this point your confidence in your kettlebell skills will be tested.  How will you handle the challenges?

If you have followed the program as suggested and taken good care of your body, you will meet the challenges and conquer them with gusto. Remember, the exercise or combinations conclude once you reach the recommended number of sets (including rest time) OR you reach the allotted time, whichever comes first. This has not changed from the beginning:

Here’s how day 1 of week 4 goes:

Week 4 Day 1 Intensity  Med Heavy – Heavy
Exercise(s)/Combination(s) Rec. Reps Rec.Sets Rest (sec) Length (min)
1 Warm up & Mobility Var Var n/a 5
2 Push Press (Short Cycle Style) 9 (s) 3-4 40-60 5
3a Heavy Deadlift (uni) 6 (s) 3-4 20-40 5
3b Cross Press into ½ Turkish Get-Up 5 (s)
4a KB Crunch 10 2-3 30-40 5
4b Scorpion 5 (s)
5a Supine Back Roll 5 (s) 3-4 30-45 5
5b Bridge Roll 3-5 (s)
6 Cool down Var Var n/a 5

Refer to the video below for a demonstration of the exercises.  The mistake most people make in exercise “3b Cross Press into 1/2 Turkish Get Up”is to try to pull themselves with the supporting arm as opposed to rolling on it.  If your elbow is getting chaffed during the Cross Press is because you are trying to pull your weight with it.  Remember, roll on the elbow.  If you cannot move unless digging the supporting elbow, get a lighter weight.  DO NOT forget your cool down and make sure to maintain your focus even at this stage.  Allow your body to ease into rest and drink plenty of water.  Enjoy!

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