Liberated Thinking for Better Health – Part 1 of 3

Hey Guys, it’s Coach Izzy and it’s a pleasure to be back and chatting with you again. Now, in the last installment of our post, The Freedom of Self-Sufficient Fitness, we mentioned how people have become dependent on other people’s ideas and thoughts, and in doing so they have given up their freedom.

So, today we’re going to get a little bit more in depth and analyze a why this happens. Today we are going to be talking about liberated thinking. What do I mean by liberated thinking? Now, as I mentioned in the previous post, or previous podcast, when it comes to health and fitness, there are two principles in which I believe strongly. One, which was mentioned previously, is the goal of becoming self-sufficient to come up with our own decisions. It is a concept that plays well with the concept of liberated thinking as this means freeing our minds from external influences that keep us embracing outdated points of view.

If we think carefully, we’re going to realize that in the world of health and fitness, we do not think, we like to follow.

We have become the prisoners of fads and trends and other nonsense that wastes our times and unfortunately we do not see it most of the times because it’s become so accepted, that when we finally realized how we’re prisoners of restricted thoughts and ideas, we get shocked. In all honesty and fairness, and as I also mentioned previously, it is a little difficult to change our way of thinking once we’re set in our ways. That is because not-thinking has become our modus operandi, our path of least resistance, and it has become our path of least resistance by choice.

There is no one coercing us to accept the extreme, militant points of view, yet we do so freely because we do not want to think. Let’s face it most of us do not want to think. If we have a problem we want a chewed up, simplified answer that prevents us from having to spend time thinking and coming up with a solution. Pftt, Thinking! Who wants that? Sadly and without realizing, in doing so we are unknowingly numbing our senses through our own choice. We unwittingly reinforce the destructive path of not thinking for ourselves.

Well, if you’re wondering, how does this apply to the regular person? How does this apply in the world of fitness? Please take a few seconds to ponder over this, and you’ll realize there are plenty of living examples around you. They are the bone and flesh manifestations of the consequences of giving up the right to think and instead, embrace the easy answer.

Take for instance, the issue of food and nutrition. Who wants to learn about food? Not many people. Most people want to hear about ingredients, and not just any ingredients, but magic ingredients. The kind of secret ingredients that deliver a promise with little to no effort. People don’t want to think about their food. They just want to be told what to eat or what not to eat. Never mind that a key to true nutrition, to true and healthy sustenance is about understanding our food. Healthy food is not being about being selective because we were told we should eat a specific food group, or vilify it altogether.

But no, who has the time to think? It is a lot easier to embrace a label or restrictions whether it’s low fat, low carb, I don’t care, you name it. Most people don’t want to think, they just want generalized, broad concepts as their guidelines.

Coach Izzy

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Coach Izzy has been part of the Strength and Conditioning field for over 25 years. He speaks of the advantages of self-sufficiency and the drawbacks of relying on the liner approaches the health world seems fond of.