The Principles for a Healthy and Fit Life: 1st and 2nd Principles


Coach Izzy

This is the second part of the article taken from an excerpt of the chapter “Three Principles For a Healthy and Fit Life” from the book “Weight Loss: Help, Motivation, And Ultimate Truths You Ought To Know.” Enjoy!

First Principle: Health and Fitness Are Irreplaceable

Never, ever confuse living with surviving, or feeling alive with merely existing. We have forsaken this irrefutable principle and have been destroying our lives in the process. What joy is there in reaching ninety years of age if we are crippled, demented, loaded with drugs, and depending on others for our most basic needs? We believe the irrational fallacy that reaching our silver years is an inevitable sentence of deterioration. Time and time again, many individuals prove this view wrong, but we prefer to think it is the exception. But why does it have to be exception? Why is self-destruction the so called normal path?

Because we don’t recognize the pillar principle that health and fitness are irreplaceable and, as a result, we set our priorities backwards. Seriously, take a deep breath and analyze how distorted our perceptions are and how they steer us toward a path that should not be. If we understood this principle in its true importance, we could never make the irrational decision of thinking that we are too busy to prepare healthy and wholesome food. We could see how unwise it is to load our bodies with trash pseudo-foods because we have a deadline to meet.

We inflame our bodies and load them with poisons to temporarily mask the consequences of our actions. Our corrupted priorities blind us to perceive the small but certain changes condemning our final days to the confinement of an isolated area, under a vegetative state, and waiting for others to deliver us from our misery.

We have the same misguided priorities when implementing physical activities. Our wretched views make us forget the irreplaceable goodness of smart physical activity and instead we torture our joints and bodies with mindless activities which produce a body barely capable of moving its own mass. We prefer to mask our physical incompetence with antidepressants, sexual performance enhancers, and anti-inflammatories when we could easily address the majority of such ailments through physical activity.

Never, and I repeat, never forget that there are no substitutes for health and fitness! Failing to live by this principle carries too high of a price.

Second Principle: The Extent of Your Actions Reaches Beyond You

You know you are responsible for other people, right? Perhaps you know it, perhaps you don’t. Even if you have the obvious responsibilities to your loved ones, you have the unseen responsibilities you owe to others, and no one is exempt from them, even if you are a loner. Sure, you may be by yourself and choose to neglect your health and body and that is your business and nobody else’s, right?

Not so fast!

I am sure you have a job or career and I hope you have some familiarity with the amazing science of brain plasticity (I cover this in more detail in the book Weight Loss: The Mindset To Crush The Frustrating Barriers For Good) and it may interest you to know that as bodyweight increases brain function declines. Doctor Daniel Amen refers to this as “The Dinosaur Syndrome.” Big body, small brain, and extinction.

You may want to reconsider how carrying excessive weight affects your coworkers and/or clients when you are not giving them the best of your intellectual capacity. I am sure that you have been mortified by how air travel is becoming an embarrassing ordeal for those who haul excessive pounds. Not only the fiasco of spilling over your companion’s seat, but you may even be forced to pay extra to occupy extra seats or be removed from the aircraft altogether. Did you forget about that?

Then there are the obvious factors in your life. How does your carrying extra weight affect your life and the lives of your loved ones, directly or indirectly? Wouldn’t you prefer to use the money you spend on medications or a growing wardrobe on creating new fun memories with your loved ones?

And there’s more to it than just the financial aspect. Can you keep up with your children, your friends, or your pets? Do they have to modify their itinerary because of you? They may not say anything out of compassion or kindness, but there is no denying your actions affect them. Can you also see how you are already sending those who you guide to the erroneous path? Whether we like it or not, we always lead others by example. Why does it have to be a poor one?

Recognize this second principle and recognize that thinking that you are the only one suffering the consequences of being overweight is a myth.

(This article concludes in the upcoming segment, or you can catch up with PART I. You can also enjoy the entire book “Weight Loss: Help, Motivation, And Ultimate Truths You Ought To Know” by clicking HERE. Stay Tuned!)

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