Treadmill Workout: From dreadmill to funmill

Your treadmill workout will never be the same

Coach Izzy

You are going to love the video! Thanks to the crew of the Scubaboard Fitness Challenge for the inspiration. Before we get to watch it, there are a few things that need to be made clear.

Over the years, I have emphasized that a workout requiring distractions to pass the time is one that truly sucks. What a shame to waste such a terrific learning opportunity and the chance to make ourselves smarter in mind and body.

When are people going to learn that being physically fit involves a lot more than just “moving to burn calories?” And no, I’m not saying that just moving is bad. Movement is good if you plan on being active. Being active is good for circulation and joint health. Even the distracted workout has movement involved and it will be better than nothing.

But that’s where it stops!

There’s a big difference between being active and being physically fit. To be physically fit, you have to be challenged beyond your comfort zone in a process involving your mind. So if you want to be active, go ahead and move but don’t expect the results that come from the purposeful, skilled movements that lead to physical fitness.

And please don’t blame the gyms and equipment for having reading racks and TVs. Nobody is forcing you to read or watch TV and doing so is your choice and your choice alone.

Off my soap box, I would like to focus on what I consider one of the most underrated pieces of exercise equipment, the much misunderstood treadmill.  Most tend to poo-poo the treadmill workout because they say it’s boring and unproductive.


You make it boring and unproductive! There’s a unique learning opportunity that we are going to address to discover how awesome a treadmill workout can be.


Fun and effective treadmill workouts involve coordination, foot work, agility and endurance. If you have none of those on terra firma, it would serve you well to get them before hopping on the treadmill. If you have mastery or a solid understanding of the following agility drills, your learning curve on the treadmill will be smaller and you’ll be safer:

  • Skips with opposition in all directions
  • Cariocas
  • Two leg hop
  • Single leg hop with turn
  • Lateral hops
  • Ability to skip rope with alternating feet
  • Double unders (a plus!)

Are we ready? Good time to watch the video!


By watching this video you understand you are doing so on your own free will and acknowledge and accept all the risks involved should you decide to perform the drills shown here. When in doubt, seek professional coaching.

Wasn’t that fun? It is one of the best investments of time you’ll be making and one that will change your perception of treadmills for good.

Make sure to take the time to practice and be patient.

If you would like to learn more, I highly advice to get personal supervision or more detailed guidance. For those who are part of The Kettlebells for a Fit Diver System, I will be adding a mini-course on this subject to the training components of the site in the upcoming months. If you already have your copy, awesome! You’ll have access to all the upgrades and your price will never go up. If you don’t, you still have time to lock the current price. I’m adding new components and the price will be going up soon.

If you prefer to do this on your own, make sure the treadmill you select has a tight belt. If the conveyor belt is loose, you’ll get stuck, trip, and may fall. Also, make sure to select an area with good clearance should the inevitable happen. Your safety is more important than anything.

Your treadmill workout does not have to be dull anymore. The type of routine shown takes max 10 minutes and you will be surprised at how demanding it can get.  Make your body smarter, your mind sharper, and enjoy the awesome feeling of this unique workout!

I’ll see you on the exercise floor!

About The Author


Coach Izzy has been part of the Strength and Conditioning field for over 25 years. He speaks of the advantages of self-sufficiency and the drawbacks of relying on the liner approaches the health world seems fond of.