Kettlebell Program – Week 5 Day 1

Week 5 – Those Yummy Changes

Day 1

Coach Izzy

Welcome to Week 5, the week of the yummy changes!  Your discipline, perseverance, and your hard work are starting to pay off now as you can definitely notice the changes in your strength, endurance, flexibility, and mood.  You feel great, your clothes fit you better, you are sleeping better and you definitely love the kettlebells.

You feel ready for more and you want to do more but there is a slight catch.

You see, for the past four weeks we have been increasing the intensity, complexity, and volume of our training.  It is now time to give our bodies a much deserved chance to recover. Not only will you feel better because of this, your results will also be more evident!  That is the reason we are doing only two workouts this week so resist the temptation to do too much! It will all make more sense by the end of the program.

Remember, this applies only to beginners and speaking of which, if this is the first time you see this program, you need to click Read This Before Starting The 6 Week Kettlebell Program and you need to start from week 1.

One factor remaining constant is how the exercise or combinations conclude once you reach the recommended number of sets (including rest time) OR you reach the allotted time, whichever comes first.  Stay focused and do your homework!  Week 5 Day 1 goes like this:

Week 5 Day 1 Intensity  Med Heavy
Exercise(s)/Combination(s) Rec. Reps Rec.Sets Rest (sec) Length (min)
1 Warm up & Mobility Var Var n/a 5
2 Front Squat into Thrust 5 (s) 2 30 1
3a Sots Press 4 (s) 3-4 40 7
3b 1/2 Renegade Row 5 (s)
4a 2 Hand Swing 10 4-5 30-45 8
4b Cross Press 6 (s)
4c Supine Bridge to Shrimp Roll and 90/90 5 (s)
5a Side Plank with a Twist 5 (s) 2-3 0 5
5b Bicycle Crunch 7 (s)
5c Scorpion 4 (s)
6 Cool down Var Var n/a 5

Refer to the video below for a demonstration of the exercises and  DO NOT neglect your warm-up and cool down.  Remember to roll onto the supporting elbow during exercise 4b Cross Press to avoid chaffing them.  If exercise 5a Side Plank with a Twist proves too difficult try a staggered base or on your knees. Try to give yourself at least 2 days between workouts.  Drink plenty of water, get some good sleep,  good wholesome food and get ready for day 2.  Enjoy!

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