Olympic Weightlifting Training and the Shape Magazine Workout 2

Coach Izzy

And the Barbelles and Barbeasts Olympic Weightlifting team are back at it. This is one eager and hungry group looking to become top dogs in the Sport of Olympic Weightlifting and a strong presence in the Pacific Northwest. Their efforts on 12/29/10 closed the year on a high note and inspired me to kick off 2011 with more determination than ever.

We gathered at Crossfit 98110, our home base, and picked up where we left off from our workout on 12/22/10. The emphasis today was getting acquainted with the power snatch from the second position (below the knee).

The importance of this position is that is a position of transition. This is the bridge between the floor and the explosive stage of hip position. When lifters fail to master it, they are forced to pull with the arms as the bar gets away from them. They also find it nearly impossible to add snap to hip and accelerate the bar. Here’s how the workout went:

General Warm-up and Mobility
Arm Hugs (5)
Arm Swings (5)
Opposite Hand-Knee Touch (5)
Stride Jumps (10)
Hip Circles (5)
Jumping Jacks (10)
Hip Internal Rot. (5)
Hip External Rot. (5)
Mountain Climbers (5)
Opposite Hand and Foot Reach (5)

Skill Specific Mobility
RDL (clean grip) (5)
Back Squat (5)
RDL (snatch grip) (3)
Front Squat (3)
Power Snatch, Hip (3)
Overhead Squat (3)

Foundation, Skill, and Strength Building
Power Snatch, Position 2, Knees – Shoulder/Hip and Grip Position Awareness with Scoop Mechanics
Execution 4×3

Back Squat for Olympic Weightlifting – Positioning, Individual differences
Execution 4×4

Overhead Squat – Fine Tuning 2×3

Shape Magazine Workout 2, circuit, no rest
Turkish Can Can (adv) 5,4,3
Reach Out Plank 6, 5, 4
Knee to Elbow Plank 5, 6, 7

We finished with specific stretching and cool down drills so everyone could free those joints and feel good and limber. I am so proud of this team! We are now ready to dominate in 2011.

How about you? How are you going to improve your best in the New Year? Much success to you and as always…

See you on the Exercise Floor

Please enjoy the video recapping the day

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