Be Healthy on Thanksgiving and Other Overrated Cockamamie

For the past few days my mailbox has been flooded with people asking me –yet again- how they should be eating or exercising for Thanksgiving to avoid falling off the wagon. Thus, to save time and sanity, I am writing this article so my answers can be accessible to anyone with the same queries in their minds.

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Do I Need To Be in Shape Before Training? Part II and Conclusions

It is still common among many fitness professionals –if they can be called so- to physically abuse many of their new and prospective clients through strenuous exercise routines in an attempt to impress them. Needless to say that the vast majority of victims of this form of unethical conduct had no business engaging in routines of such magnitude, and easily overwhelm their limited physical capacity.

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Do I Need To Be in Shape Before Training? – Part I

This article was written with two purposes. One, to answer that question so you can put your concerns to rest and we can get started promptly. And two, to make and attempt to get to the root of a question that should not even be formulated. It is my goal to create awareness over the hollowness of such accepted idiosyncrasy, and in doing so, make better choices.

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The Principles for a Healthy and Fit Life: 3rd Principle And Stinging Truths

Because most people fail to live by the first two aforementioned principles they end up clinging to the fallacy that enjoying great health and a body that reflects it is an unreachable fantasy.

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The Principles for a Healthy and Fit Life: 1st and 2nd Principles

Because we don’t recognize the pillar principle that health and fitness are irreplaceable and, as a result, we set our priorities backwards. Seriously, take a deep breath and analyze how distorted our perceptions are and how they steer us toward a path that should not be.

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Three Principles For A Healthy And Fit Life

My path has always unintentionally gone against the mainstream and its principles. I always find heat and confrontation that I don’t seek because it is the nature of opposing the status-quo when challenging its fallacies. I am at peace with that fact and accept what comes. In return, I enjoy great health, freedom from disease, freedom from medications, fullness of energy, optimism, a lucid mind, and a body capable of performing at levels that make others wonder why they can’t keep up. The principles that I follow are part of my life because I have tested them and they have proven themselves, not because somebody told me that they were undeniable truths to which I should adhere.

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But Seriously, Should Exercise Be Sport?

Continuing with the topic, it’s time to explore the emotionally heated difference between exercise and sport, this grey area where motor patterns acquire a name or the other, but rarely both. What makes an exercise just an exercise, and what turns it into a sport? Aren’t’ most sports, after all, the execution of predefined motor skills (or exercises) to match environmental constraints?

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Should Exercise Be Sport – Really?

Frankly, I have no idea what this means, not at least in true specificity. Granted, arguments can be made on subjective perspectives, but they only beget emotional hollow exchanges and don’t address the question. Interestingly, whenever I inquire about the substance of the topic from those who condemn tarnishing the sanctity of exercise by turning it into sport, I never get a solid reply. I get plenty of “my client does…” or “this guru says…”or “when I…” but ultimately, the overemotional downpour does nothing to mitigate the chasm between the concepts of exercise and sport, let alone provide a useful perspective.

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Why 2011 ROCKED!

One of my traditions since I started writing was to put a recap of the events of the previous year so we can reminiscence the good moments and learn from the hard ones. It is something all my readers appreciated and could relate to. I took a hiatus for a couple of years as I was involved in other ventures but I’m returning to it as many have been asking me for it.

Please join me as I go over the events of 2011 and recall all the moments that made it the awesome year it was.

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Structural Issues, Kids, and Learning Disabilities

By addressing the Leg Length Inequalities (LLI) and Small Hemipelvis at their early age, your kids will be able to correct them if they are consistent with the corrective measures. By doing so, you will save them from the misery of chronic pains, joint malformation, joint inflammation, and even from hip and knee replacements in the long term!

There is no greater gift than that.

In part 3 of 3 of the series, Paul, Randy, and Wade go in depth over the congenital factor of structural issues, the controversial implications of food, and how structural issues affect more than just joints and may affect how your kids perform in school.

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