7 Reasons Kettlebells are awesome for divers

This is an excerpt from my upcoming book “Kettlebells for a Fit Diver” and I hope you enjoy it!

Let me tell you how I got to love kettlebells for scuba diving. Many years ago after heeding the beckoning of the underwater world, I was getting ready for my open water diver certification. My concern was how not having done any extensive swimming in many years would affect my performance in the testing portion. At that point, my training program was kettlebell lifting almost exclusively.

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Kettlebell Program – Week 6 Day 3

What an exciting day! Today is Day 3 of Week 6 of the 6 Week Beginner Kettlebell Program, yes, the last day! It is the culmination of a learning experience and while you are no longer a novice you’ll discover the road to mastery is a long but fun one where your skills will be polished up even further through smart practice and acquisition of more complex skills.

There’s also a component at the end of the program that many would rather skip or dismiss but it is of great importance since it will shape up how you’ll perform in future programs.

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Kettlebell Program – Week 6 Day 2

It is the second day of Week 6 and we have only one workout left after this one to conclude the program! Just when you were feeling a bit too comfortable with your skills, bam! they are challenged to improve yet again! That’s the beauty of Kettlebell Training, the options are so abundant it is nearly impossible to get bored with them. Some mobility and bodyweight skills are revisited and you will be pleasantly surprised at what a tremendous difference you will see in your performance.

Ready to find out how far you’ve come along?

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Kettlebell Program – Week 6 Day 1

And just like that, Week 6 the final one of the program is upon us! This week puts all your skills together and shows you how simple exercises can be modified slightly to turn into different experiences. At this point your skills are unquestionable and gone are the days in which you spent a significant amount of time trying to find the sweet spot. Putting the bell in the rack position or overhead are as comfortable as any other exercise and transitioning or starting from the athletic position is done smoothly and efficiently.

You have definitely come a long way and this week will show you how. So what’s in store for you?

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Kettlebell Program – Week 5 Day 2

Our second and final workout of week 5 closes the week of recovery. The combinations and compound motions are sure to get you sweating, building a better body, and ridding yourself of superfluous calories. Can you think of a better way to finish the week?

Movements like snatches and cleans should feel smooth by now but never hurts to take a few seconds of the warm-up to review them. Make sure to warm-up and prepare your body for the workout. A lousy warm-up will lead into a lousy workout. You want to finish right, you have to start right! Or am I bluffing?

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Kettlebell Program – Week 5 Day 1

Welcome to Week 5, the week of the yummy changes! Your discipline, perseverance, and your hard work are starting to pay off now as you can definitely notice the changes in your strength, endurance, flexibility, and mood. You feel great, your clothes fit you better, you are sleeping better and you definitely love the kettlebells.

You feel ready for more and you want to do more but there is a slight catch.

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Kettlebell Program – Week 4 Day 3

Is Week 4 coming to its conclusion already? Wow! It seems only like yesterday we got started and all we have left now is 5 workouts in two weeks. How satisfying this must be for you. A few weeks ago terms like cleans, renegade row, high pulls etc, were foreign to you. They are now good acquaintances and though demanding, you know that as long as you respect them, they will be good friends and introduce you to other good friends.

Day 3 of week 4 introduces the Sots Press, which will test your test and flexibility like very few exercises can. You’d be surprised how only a few reps will get you sweating! Ready?

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Kettlebell Program – Week 4 Day 2

The workout for Day 2 of Week 4 introduces some new moves all easy to learn and may in fact, feel familiar to you. The Push Jerk, The Oklahoma Salsa, The Snatch, and the Figure 8 they are all based on moves you already know. Have fun spicing things up and here’s how the workout goes:

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Kettlebell Program – Week 4 Day 1

Week 4, yes! Past the point in which it is easier to finish than starting over. How awesome seeing you again. Did you recover well? Make sure to take care of yourself, there’s more to fitness than just exercising. Week 4 is called “BRING IT ON!” because at this point your confidence in your kettlebell skills will be tested. How will you handle the challenges?

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Kettlebell Program – Week 3 Day 3

And Week 3 of the 6 Week Beginner Kettlebell Program wraps up! Time flies when you are having fun and it could not be more true of this program. If you have been allowing your body to recover and feeding it good food and plenty of water, you should start noticing some significant changes. Keep it up!

If you have not noticed much in terms of changes, don’t make the mistake of thinking that more is better. Instead, explore other factors that may be getting neglected (nutrition, hydration, sleep, stress, illnesses, etc). Do not get discouraged! Here’s Day 3 of Week 3

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